Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Misery to end the year!!

The funniest and saddest part of this Vishu would be the fantastic bus journey I had on the way home. The entire situation was so frustrating that seeking humour within it was the only option that I had. My friend, Manju and me kept laughing through the whole night. As it is it was impossible to sleep.

There was a pick up bus that took us near Ulsoor lake for what I still don’t know. There were people to fill 3 buses in it. A guy appears like a railway station announcer and started telling us to split into 3 and so on…Now you can imagine the commotion (typically mallu behaviour)!! There were the family people asking million doubts, the college guys mocking everything else.. Oh my god!!

We got to the place near Ulsoor lake. My friend who has hardly been around Bangalore was pleased to see at least this. The other 2 buses moved on. We sat waiting like refugees for the Kannur bus till 9.45pm. By then babies crying, others listening to songs, many talking about concerns on reaching late etc etc.

And finally our “special bus” arrives….No push back, 3 by 2 seater and a normal limited stop bus…Luckily I can catch sleep in any hell but my poor friend kept awake whole night!!!

Finally when we were about to reach there was a fight in the bus as to whether to go to Kannur first or Tellicherry first. I was relieved when I touched ground after good long 12 hours in this bus episode!!


Unknown said...

Yeah bus episodes are quite bad most times. The percentage of enjoyable long distance private bus journeys I've had in India is very small. Always had a bad time! Nowadays train journey is becoming horrible too, unless you find some other source of comfort for the trip!

Unknown said...

I strongly object to ur statement "(typically mallu behaviour)!!"
The mockery of coll guys n tension of families are typical human behaviour..

And more over i would appreciate if u would take back the usage called Mallu.Even though this slang is rarely used inside Kerala, it is used extensively in other parts of India and outside India to refer to Malayalis in a teasing manner.Being a Malayali dint expect it from you.Be pround to say that ure a Malayali not coz it rhymes with Brucelee but for what we are...

Unknown said...

Ok manu...sorry for the word...just got so used to it...that's all