Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Swami Surendar speaks!!

My friend Suri sometimes becomes like one of those great philosophers who preach about life. At what instance these strokes come is a publically known secret!! Lately he was in one of those moods and this is a piece of gyaan he gave one of his friends. The next day he comes up to me and retells the incident. How much I agree to him…hmm..

According to Swami Surender girls always fall in love with a guy even though at the first stage he may be drink or smoke. She loves him because he is popular among his friends and has a lot of people around him.

Then once her webs are wrapped around she slowly says, “Why don’t you try to quit smoking?” This is not along with any compulsion but according to her it it because “she loves him soooo much.”

A bit later (another month or so when he is fully trapped in her web) comes the threat, “Stop smoking! Don’t talk to me if you don’t!!” Within a few more months (when the guy is so tightly bound that he is gasping for breath) she says, “Why do you spend so much of time with your friend? Am I not the most important person in your life? See only me on all your weekends!!!”

Now the tag of the story recital is that all his friends agreed to this story too!!! As a matter of fact, even though I have never told him this, I too agree.

So at the end of the day within a year the guy is nothing like what he was before the girl started loving him. He has no more friends and nothing to get rid of his sorrows. All he is left with is a nagging girlfriend!!! ESCAPE!!!!

Factually my friend claims he is one of those guys who never change. As he says I am like this means I’m like this forever. Boldly announces that he would never change for a girl. Now whether this will be true or not only time will tell.


Destiny's Child said...

to be honest i agree with his story 100% ...... but nothings gonna change reality ... inthe beginning the girl loves the guy the way he is... after a while he has to quit smoking because she realises she wants him to live longer ... i still blev its not nagging but just love... when Suri and other guys o nthis palnet understand this.. they will change!!!!

Unknown said...

HA! That's hilarious.

You know, I have been preaching this same thing for the past few years. I believe that guys always change when they are in a long term relationship. It's just that some guys like to be more controlled than others and some will go to an extent that they will be pretty different from who they were before than who they are in a relationship.

I'm not really sure why, but I think guy's like to be controlled in general, but we don't really like to admit it.

But then again, I could be totally wrong ;)