Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Balmuri Falls fun!!

This visit to Balmuri Falls was a part of my trip around Bangalore and Mysore when my parents came here. A family friend and his family also accompanied us. For the convenience of my parents and others, (who are really bad at getting to places using public transport….Muscat life hangover!!) I hired a Sumo from office.

Balmuri Falls is located about 150 kms from Bangalore. This was our second stop after Chamundi Hills. For more information as to how to get there, it can be reached by driving down the Mysore Road (my favourite as I always say) to Srirangapatna and then taking the KRS Road to Belagula village. After that there is a narrow road to the right that finally leads to the falls.

Let me warn you…the last strip is a real torture to the backbone but a treat to the eyes. The lush green fields on both sides and the bumpy roads…An exciting combination. My dad screamed when his bald head hit the Sumo roof once or twice..He he…But used to the Sumo driving by these cab drivers I held tight!

As it was a Sunday that we had made it here it was pretty crowded. You really cannot have a deep swim or anything like that but can enjoy yourself in the water. As from my previous trips I realize that any place to visit in Bangalore is accompanied with monkeys for sure. My dad and uncle were imitating some. And I was commenting that the imitation act was unnecessary!!

We also took a ride in those little boats, Now here my dad and mom did not accompany us. Did I ever tell you..these things scare the hell out of them!! My mom is one of those kinds who still stands at the elevators and keeps swinging to and fro…Should I go?? Should I not??

The ride was fun for those turns we made the guy do without my aunty’s knowledge. She thought it was due to the force of the water. Later when she realize did was us she literally screamed. How I love to play these pranks?? Anyways loved the place…Surely recommended for a day out with friends especially during those slight shower days!!


Karthik (Sp) said...

It sure is a fun place.. but when we went it was totally empty.. tat made it super awesome.. we had the entire falls for ourselves :)


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775135gsgt said...

is there provision to cook food if v take all necessary items.pls guide as v with family friends r planning for a weekend where v can cook food as well(except Bhimeswari,sangam)