Thursday, April 5, 2007


In January I decided to buy a cordless phone for my parents. The idea behind this was 2 fold. My parents are so used to sitting near the television and answering the phone that they tend to drop the phone most of the times.

Most often at home dad and mom will be at two ends of the world in that huge house. When the telephone rings both will be lazy to leave what they are at and attend the call. Well…when I’m around it’s always, “Vee…phone…”

The other advantage (this one is for me) is that whenever I call and suppose dad answers. For him to pass the phone to my mom it takes ages. By now my talk time would have clicked away and so would my money! So I thought a cordless means dad would walk all the way to mom and she would answer it even from the kitchen.

All was well. Some of my friends strongly recommended Panasonic and I decided to go for it. Trouble started then. Bought the phone, took it home and it worked for 15 days and boom!!! The phone went dead. My dad waited a month for me to get home and take the phone back to Bangalore. Gave it for repair and it took them another 2 weeks to return the adapter that apparently had got overloaded.

When I thought all was well….yesterday I just unpacked the sealed set they gave me as it was consuming too much space in my bag. Lo and behold there is no adapter at all in the set. I freaked out. I am just so disappointed. Is this what you get going for going for a brand name. I could have got the same stuff at half price at National Market. I go all the way to the Brand Shop, buy it and this is what I get!!! I am psyched !!!

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Shy Machete said...

hahah relax. Shit happens :-)