Thursday, April 19, 2007

Vishu @ home...

So by the end of the week atleast I should post about Vishu. This festival was special to me this year. After 4 years this is the first occasion we celebrated at home. I really did miss my sister being with us.

I had decided much earlier with mom that we were cooking at home and eating at home. These days mom is so used to cooking for two. I just thought she would add me to the routine but she surprised me. She announced she would be cooking for our neighbours as well. We had really not treated them a traditional meal since we shifted to our new home.

Speaking of home it is brand new now. The whole place smells of fresh new paint. All spick spark and clean. I was so happy to see that my father’s dream was now almost complete. The dream he had seen before 15 years, took 7 years to build it, 4 years it was abandoned by us and now after 4 years it was like how he wished it.

Even when I looked at the Vishu Kanni in the early morning...I really didn't know what to wish for...What do I want my whole year to be like...I don't know...I prayed and that's it. I prayed for the happiness of others around me more. That's what I felt like at that moment of time.

Even though we spend our time cribbing about there being no electricity we had a grand meal in the afternoon complete with payasam. It had been ages since I had payasam so you can imagine how much I had!! A Vishu with so many mixed emotions.
I don’t even know if I’ll be here to celebrate the next Vishu along with my parents but I relished the moments I had with them for sure….


Jayashankar said...

i can't locate payasam!

shnaggy said...

the banana leaf reminds me of my college days. all of us friends will have secret picnics and put out all the food in the leaf and eat barehands...
that was so fun.

thanks for dropping by. see yah.