Friday, April 13, 2007

Mr. Bhatnagar mails in....

Sometimes life goes on faster than what we estimate. We tend to leave a lot of things, or maybe people too, behind as we pace ourselves to life. But there are some moments where we sit back and think of all those people who were or are a part of our life. I am a person who has such moments pretty often (I guess I have a lot of time to do all that sentimental thinking)

It was at one such instant that I thought of my Principal in school ( Indian School Al Ghubrah )days, Mr B S Bhatnagar. A strict person on the surface but there was a soft side to him that most of us didn’t understand then. Today I realize that a lot of my good and disciplined habits are a bit due to his influence. I decided to write to him.
Getting his mail id was pretty easy thanks to out beloved orkut and Karthik, a junior of mine who send it to me. He was doubtful if sir still used this mail id. I decided to give it a shot. After all what did I have to lose?? And a range of emotions to gain!!! Can you imagine my surprise when I got a mail back in just 2 hours.

These are some excerpts from the mail he sent me…..

What a pleasure it was to hear from you after a very long time!! Thank you for your thoughtful gesture of writing to me.

How are your parents, Sarada and Mr Vijaya Kumar? Where are they working presently? Where are you working? What news on the matrimonial front? (He remembers my parents name too)

Where is Vandana? Did she granduate from Feroke College, Kozhikode, or from another college? Is she a CA or/and an MBA? (Ok if parents name was a fluke…my sister’s college name???)

I have been a teacher for more than four decades and I remember all my former students and many things about them. So when I wrote to you it was the same about Vandana and you. How would I ever forget such nice children (they are now elegant, impressive and professionally successful ladies) as you two? (Oh were we that good…can’t believe he’s talking about us!!!)

We were invited to Ulrika's wedding in Delhi but we could not go. Is Vanitha, mentioned by you in your email, Varadarajan, who went from here to the Illinois Institute of Technology? Where is her sister? Unless you know it already, I must tell you that Shehjar Kaul married her college classmate last year and Deepshikha Ganjoo also married her college classmate in January this year (both weddings, inter-caste and inter-state, were classic examples of national integration). Dr Dinesh Jacob John (Class of 1998) is going to marry his classmate, Dr Tanya Mariam George, on 23rd April in Kottayam. (He remembers all the names and details.)

Although I am still a novice in IT I was able to visit your website and was delighted to get the all the news and to see your family photographs. Why has Mr Vijaya Kumar's hair grown as white as mine? (Sigh!! That personal touch too!!)

Regards to your parents and blessings and best wishes to you and Vanadana from both of us.
I can’t express my feelings in words. Sometimes life just leaves us speechless. Love you sir so much. Maybe I never told you or even realise it then. But I do today!!!!


Destiny's Child said...

wow! that mail was quite something i must say! for him to check back all the details in just 2 hours ....well thats why i guess he is principal who is always always remembered!!!!

Anonymous said...


I happened to chance upon your website while "googling" Mr Bhatnagar. I would be extremely grateful to you if you could send his email address to me ? My email address is left school in 2005 and decided to stay away from everything possibly connected with it- However, when I decided to go back for a visit, I was too late and Mr Bhatnagar had already left Oman.

Would you please send me his email address?

Thankyou so very much
Shifa Panwala

Aparajita said...

Hi - I glanced upon your web site while googling Mr. Bhatnagar. He was my prinicipal at Indore. I would really appreciate it if you were to email me his id. My email is - Thanks much. - AB

Unknown said...

Mr. Bhatnagar is not only remembered by his students but teachers who worked under him too.Though I never worked under him,but older teacher(Lawrence School, Lovedale) talks about him... today ..... a person who not only look after students but teachers.. very kind hearted...down to earth..and so on and on..
finally during the 150th Founders Day,I was waiting in front of the main gate..and comes the person I been hearing about in front 0f me...a handsome personality with never ending smile...after talking to him for sometime...he says.. you are a young, energetic and good teacher... and gave me his visiting card.He was warmly welcomed by all the staff of the school.(A beloved Headmaster)

Hemant Rai
Lawrence School, Lovedale

Cherubin Itty said...
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Unknown said...

Not only teachers even stenographers like me too remember. The language that I write today is his mentoring. He inspired everyone. I hated the day he left LS, Lovedale. Every one who knew revere him,I am no exception.

Unknown said...

Even stenographers like me remember him too. He is an admirable person.
N.Narayan Rao
now at Erode