Thursday, May 10, 2007

Appearance does matter....or it doesn't...confused!!!

Have been watching a lot of interviews of normal life leading people (star interviews are crap) these days thanks to Sun Music or shows on Asianet and Surya for dedicating songs…A common question asked is “What kind of girl or boy do you have in mind as life partner?”

The cliché dialogue always follows…kind, understanding, caring etc etc. Then the question arises, “How about looks?”…Bang comes the answer too “ Doesn’t matter ....should be presentable.”
I always wonder if this is really true……….

I often think…Personally I wouldn’t mind the looks of the person I get married too…I say that to myself all the time…But would I marry a guy with long braided hair, a tattoo on his arm, a ear piercing and god knows where piercing…He may be the ultimate sweet guy who complements me perfectly…But will I say “ I do”…Well sorry NEVER!!!!
I would appreciate the guy as a friend,a colleague but life partner…no ways…

As for guys…I have no idea as to how they expect girls to be ( that explains why I’m not married yet…or does it not??? I don’t know!! ) But would a guy exactly go ahead and marry a girl going around in one of those low waist jeans and tiny shoulder less tops and heavy make up…Well maybe they would…I don’t know..On a sudden thought why am I writing this post…I’m confused!!!

But come to think of it…have a feeling looks matter all the time…personal life or professional life….Then why do they say looks don’t matter, it is what inside that does??


amna said...

yes looks do matter

Jayashankar said...

How guys expect girls to be?? is why im using my statements.I will use around 200 statemnts to know the girl.Then i will think>.how is my idea?

Impressionist said...

Yeah!! Looks do matter!!
but not a girl wearin a low waist jeans and tiny shoulderless top!!
I prefer a typical South Indian girl in a saree!! :D

peace & Love

Impressionist said...

aw. thas nothin!!
U too can do it, all u have to do is try! :)
btw why dont u put up a shout box in ur blog!! wud be easier to leave a message! :D

peace & love

Sharad Mathur said...

Definitely looks matter! well the outside matters same as inside of a person does.
friendship with such ppl is a different thing but then taking a decision to spend yr whole life is different.

nice post


hmmmm thw worldz a mixed bag-
in feilds of entertainment, top notch buziness, media n the ilk- looks do matter...

in onez person life, looks matter wen 1 birdwatches/guygapes/ wanz to have tat sexy gf/bf for evryones benefit...

for women, somehow its the looks n the moneyyyy[:)] -show me the money honey...

but at the end of teh day, wen u're gonna spend ur life with sumone, beauty can neva be only skin deep- it has 2 go deeeeep inside, else the relationship is bound 2 shatter..

At work, they say looks n presentability matters a helluva a lot, but if u think abt it, wen u need 2 go the full distance, n really achieve, beauty has got to extend to ur intellecual n smartness quotient- the ambanis/the tatas/abdul kalam/narayan murthy are infact very orninary lookin people..