Monday, May 21, 2007

Weekend with Bingo and Ice Cappuccino

Hmm…that was a weekend well spend. Friday was quite boring as I had a training to attend post shift…How I dread these! Turned out to be interesting as it was on LINUX that I had no idea on…Come to think of it…I had no idea on anything when I started working..

My friend , Nagu came on Saturday morning. She was late thanks to the “special” train from Hyderabad! Saturday turned out to be good overall. Had a bit of fun when we dropped by at Forum. There were 2 promotion stalls at Forum. Both silly but had free goodies..

There is the new chips in town- Bingo!! The game as silly as their ads..Remember the series of ads that say “No Confusion..Just Bingo!” or something like that..(Watch one of those nonsense ads here) Now where did they get such a pretty dame for that ad!! The game was to say Bingo in 3 different accents..Was that a game? The other one, even more ridiculous, was Ice Cappuccino (yeah…the that made the people around actually do that and took photos with the frost mushtache..(Watch that ad here)

Later on in the day one of my friends, Venky, who is getting married next week gave us a party at Popsies in Koramangala!! It was a fun filled party as we were all making so much of noise that they finally switched off the lights indicating “go home” time.

Sunday was pretty uneventful…Watched Spiderman 3..Nothing much to say abot the movie…Definitely not as good as the other 2. We hooted when Spidey boy cried!! I had heard this from those who watched this earlier..Just wanted to watch it for the special effects on big screen…
Now that I am having fun in life again….what to say..all’s well that ends well. Is it?


Impressionist said...

glad to know u had fun! :D
heheh! :P
I haven spiderman yet, do u think u can watch it once atleast!?

peace & love

Ash said...

hey...thats the spirit i think ur life rocks!!!

happy to see u happy...thanx for the comment yaar and have heard that spidy 3 is not that much good...not yet watched

bye & take care

sweetheart said...

cool post ya! i tried bingo..tandoori and bingo nimboo chaas..its a Big Bakwaas!
hmm..spiderman is a comic rather than a thriler...i mean that spider guy keeps crying ..3-4 times in the movie..
happy to c u happy gal!
take care keep that spirits ya!