Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Friendship is tough at times

My dear friend…
There were times we were together
And now we may be miles apart
Years have rolled past us now
Think of it I really wonder how!!!

We had our good times those days
But there were differences too one says
But isn’t that how friendship works
With ups and downs,fizzes and sparks??

Maybe we thought all was at rest
But then why the sudden test?
I have moved on in life
And thought you did too!!!

My dear friend,
Friendship is not playing a game
There is nothing here to tame
Relations here are give and take
Where there is nothing to fake!!!

You lived by choice in a shell
With boundaries I couldn’t tell
Wasn’t my fault you were on your own
And your heart was nearly torn!!

Just an advise to you to keep
Friendships are difficult to reap
Have a heart with plenty to give
Life will be a lot easier to live!!!


Impressionist said...

ah! lovely poem!!!!
So u write poems also eh!!
btw i watched it @ PVR!! Had gone today, morning show :D

peace & love

Impressionist said...

Aw. Im sorry to know that!!
Dont worry, everything is gonna be fine soon!
tk cr

peace & love

amna said...

wow, how do you manage to say such meaningful stuff and manage to rhyme too!

awesome vidyachechy! really admire this talent

Jayashankar said...

When I read between the lines
I see a line in between the lines
Pure, Clear, something like a lake
“Where there is nothing to Fake”
Hey Vidya, lovely! what a make!

Life Rocks!!! said...

Thank you all for the appreciation...just a few things happening around me that made me write...some people are tough to handle..vidya

shnaggy said...

lovely. that's a very nice flow of words. so loaded.

poets are born romantic.

me said...

Oh my god, thats like reading my mind! Awesome poem, its really depressing when some people suddenly turn indifferent. Just recovering from one. Sigh!