Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Children of Heaven

Before I tell you about the movie I should maybe tell you about the person who told me to watch this movie, Jay Shankar…A quiet person who he seems to be (forgive me if I am wrong) prompted me to watch this quiet movie.

It is an Iranian movie by Majid Majidi that won accolades at the 1997 Montreal Film Festival. Now that info is thanks to Google..A simple movie about a little boy Ali who lost his sister Zahra’s shoes. The entire movie revolves around this theme. There is not much of a story line here but a lot of messages that do not meet the “naked eye”. That is exactly why I waited for a few days before writing this post. I wanted the movie to grow on me before I could comment on it.

Sometimes in life small events can teach us loads. Shouldering responsibility is something the movie teaches. The 2 little kids take the responsibility of the family from their parents so well. Cleaning the house, doing the dishes, cooking, helping in their parents work and also studying so well. Something most of us fail to do so!

The movie shows how we can bring a smile to the face from simple things, like the scene where the kids blow soap bubbles or where they share the pen! Sometimes in life we are so carried away with our tensions that we fail to see little joys…I know I shouldn’t say this as I’m a typical example for such a person!

The movie leaves us with a happy note picturised my mesmorising scene of the fishes in the pond. With all the positive emotions that came from the movie there was a sad one I found. Sometimes even if we win the race we may not be happy and get what we actually want! Happiness is individualistic. A poor man sleeps happy and content with 3 meals a day where a rich guy can be unhappy inspite of all the material riches!!

A must watch movie especially if you are looking fro some simple joys!!!

P.S :This is for you Rajeev...Watch the movie here itself(the first 2 slides)


Impressionist said...

true :)
Money cant get u happiness, it may get u all the luxuries but not satisfaction and happiness! :)
btw whr did u watch this muvee!?!?

nice template btw!

peace & love

Ash said...

the most beautiful moments in life are simpler....but powerful to change our moods....i heard this dialogue i a film"my problems are not that much big to say but not too small to forget" even small things hurt like it makes ur mom happy if we ask her'did u eat mom'....hmmmm...i blabbered enough yaar...

bye & take care

amna said...

hey u managed to change ur template.. thats awesome.. very refreshing change :)

sweetheart said...

hmmm.i need to check this movie..kinda looks like the movie "pursuit of happyniess"
hmm..nice review and ya thanks for ur comments!

Shruti said...

Hi, came here through Rajeev's blog..
Wow!! i cant able to resist myself watching it..
I will search for it soon and so atch it...

Hey, liked ur profile very much espacially "Live each Moment"

Take care..

Anonymous said...

This is a movie we(my friends) ...have discussed the most.If we discuss the whole night too it won't end.Such is the level of compassion and love hidden in it.
The only movie in my life in which i didn't want the hero to win a race.
when the father cries while making tea.the purity of mind when two children meet when they go to the town and they become friends.everythn has that message

The culture the parents impart when they say they shouldnt take the sugar of the society(mosque)

their consideration for a bind mans daughter and like u told their dreams and passion for life as children when they blow the bubbles and sit with legs in the pond!

I think love is the essence of this movie...the shit what we think as love is depicted in the purest form

finally when the father carries the shoes we become a bit relieved,isn't it?