Wednesday, May 2, 2007

We meet again!!!

Know it’s been a long time that I haven’t posted anything. Just that my mind was off on some other things. I’ve just been distracted. I have been reading Harry Potter for the past week. It was really getting difficult as I had to read in office between all the break times I had…which I used to utilize to blog before. Now that I’m done with the book it’s time I’m back.
The weekend that was….

It was a precious weekend for me. A time I got to meet some of my old pals of college times. A long time has passed since we all had some time together. There was a time when we had loads of them….at Ali’s juice shop, or Raghavettan’s photocopy cum telephone booth, movies together, trips together, studying together or just lazing around.

A lot of waters had flown in between. Time drifted most of us in different directions. I thought time had the better of us. But this weekend when we met I knew nothing had changed. Age had caused baldness in some, small tyres in others and white hairs too…but the spirit was all the same.

We still enjoyed pulling each others legs, making noise over nothing at all or in plain words just being together. Sometimes there are some relations we treasure a lot and don’t understand their true value till we drift apart!!


shnaggy said...

oh hi...

yes i agree. meeting up with old friends is fun. but life is a constant change. we can't help it but change course after college. some end up in big companies, some own businesses, and some end up in the kitchen. like me.

and nope i've never been to india. as a young girl, i've always been keen on india and it's people i don't quite know why...

three german sheperds? boy you must be buying sacks of dog food.

Impressionist said...

meeting old friends is always fun! ;)

So u luv mungaru male huh!?
I haven watched it yet :(
I went to PVR 3 times and all 3 times the tickets were sold out!
will watch it sometime this week !:)

peace & love

Impressionist said...

hey thanx for the visit upon my blog! :)
i have linked ur blog! :)

peace & love


nothin can compare 2 meetyn up with old buddies.. every tyme we see them, they get 2 b old wine in a new bottle.. so its sooo excityn 2 meet,chat n catch up!! glad ud a gud tyme[:)]