Monday, May 7, 2007

April showers on a great weekend!!!

The thunder and lightning along with heavy rain was back with a bang on Sunday!!! All these days I was so disappointed that I was never caught up in the rain even though it rained or maybe drizzled almost every afternoon. All my disappointments washed away with the rain on Sunday.

One big difference between Kerala and Bangalore… Kerala when everyone backs off when it rains and walk around only with umbrellas in the rain, Bangaloreans consider umbrellas totally uncool!!! You can see everyone getting drenched in the rain however strong the rain!!

And woo…I had a time of my life on Sunday…got totally drenched and went all the way to Bannargatta in that rain. I love the rain. It signified a lot of things in my life. It carries a mixture of emotions….Happiness when it drizzles and sorrow when it pours. I have always wondered how it would be to cry silently in the rain…Would there be tears? Would anyone know?
I still wonder….

The weekend was good…celebrated my friends birthday with a super black forest cake from Coffee Day….Mmm…That’s still smacking my lips!!!

1 comment:

Impressionist said...

So u enjoy the rain huh!
I hate it when it rains, I can't go out at all if it rains! damn!
glad to know u enjoyed ur weekend!!
btw I watched Mungaru Male today!
Ah! lovely, very good muvee.
was happy to see a good kannada muvee after a long time, the last one was apthamitra.

peace & love