Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The Birth of Life Rocks

Nothing very special inspired me to start this journey. Somethign I have always been doing....Just thought let me try it out in a different style!!!

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amna said...

Vidyachechy.. How come you never told me about 'life rocks'? anyway i have added u to my blog list, hope thts ok. i totaly identify with all ur posts, in fact its a reflection of how my life is right now. wish we cud talk. in person. i know its nice to be among people who dont know and dont need to know ur recent past. but sometimes i feel too lazy to update a new friend with whats called my past, my life. and i let things be the way it is and let them think i am happy and fine. we shud meet one of these days.. come to hyd or i will come to bangalore for a weekend. in jan maybe, lets see..

stay happy till then and take ur time with marriage :) i am doing that too..