Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Late Nights

I think this is the first most change in my life now. I was a person who was afraid of the dark.When the time used to cross about 7.30pm I used to get goose bumps thinking of the dark and the evils of the dark,the mishaps that have happened,the mishaps that could happen....Oh my gosh I see stars even before they appear clear. But that has completely changed.
I remember the first time I started on my night shift life and I got out to go to the International Tech Park Mall I had that same creepy feeling in my stomach...As days rolled on today I live in the night. I hate going out in the day...There is only one day in the week that's SUNDAY....yeah also the other day I get off too...
I have been almost everywhere in the dark..I have been out in the ITP gardens in the dark!! Been to those Cafe Days in the dark...gone out on long drives in the dark...And that too without a sense of fear.
I never thought feelings that are in built through the childhood days would change....but this did make a difference to my life.

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