Saturday, December 16, 2006

Friendship is the boat the sails you through.

Whenever I am not in the best of moods,put on my thinking cap and sit down to ponder on all that's past I wonder sometimes as to how I made it through all the tough times in my life. The answer that I always corner on is "Friends".
Right from my school days when I had Ulrika and Vanitha to hear out my heart. At that time problems revolved around school and studies mainly. These two awesome human beings saw to it that I was pulled through each fall of mine.
When I reached Engineering college it was Poornima and Harish. Poorni even though got busy with her own love life and then later family life, Hari was there throughout. He listened and talked(even though that was more). I felt happy every time he was around. I had the most fun of times at college.
Then came Nagalakshmi or Nagu as I call her. She was a bit of soul better half to me. We have spent hours and hours talking and discussing life. This was at a stage that we were entering adulthood and were facing life as reality. Problems gettign complex, relationships getting fragile but we made it through those two years.
Now when I am here in Bangalore away from a student life, when I am at a stage when I earn my own living Ifirst thought I would soon be emotionally independent as well. But that was not what destiny had in store for me. Surender or Suri came into my life with a breeze of fresh air. Even though much younger to me he had seen through hardships like none other I have known in life. He supported me and stood by me or should I say is still standing beside me like a friend, philosopher and guide. He shows me that if a problem can be smiled through then it should be smiled through...
Friendship will always be the boat that sails me through this life storm and this will remain so till the last breath.

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