Wednesday, December 27, 2006


It's just one of the comments that was left behind on my blog that actually set me thinking. I know I'm a person who actually lives the way my parents want me to....OK let's be a bit more truthful...I try to be how they want me to be at least most of the times. But is that considered as a very "just not happening" thing now a days. I mean let's think both ways.
Why should they not think that way? They spent almost more than half of their lives for us. They earn for us and spend on us as well. Come on, admit it people, the world that we live in today, they have all the choice of not having us at all. So now that they do so much for us is it wrong that they expect something in return as well?
Thinking from our part true it's our life, we are of the age where we can decide what is right for us and what is wrong, we are the ones who have to bear the consequences of our deeds etc....All agreeable and valid points in the never ending debate but I feel life is nothing but a vicious circle. Their today will be our tomorrow. Do we really want a tomorrow where we are ignored by our kids, have no one around us in the last phase of life?? Give it a thought!!
Well I guess Parents are difficult to live with and difficult to live without...So choice is yours...

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