Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Home sweet home???

Just returned to Bangalore after 3 days in Kerala. Yeah there was this time home used to be sweet home...My heart used to literally ache to be at home lazing around.This time when I went down I was sitting at home at that evening time when mom had lit the lamp.There was this strange silence that engulfed me from all over.A sudden blank in life. I didn't know what I was doing at that stage.An emptiness as if nothing to do.I swear for a second it was maddening.
Then started the good old marriage proposal talks and I was like Oh No not again??? Why not leave me out of this??? Give me a break people.. Yeah yeah I know I'm 25...have to get married etc etc but hey such an important decision in life...someone give me some time...
Whatever it is I really felt that returning back to this place where I hardly know a few people is much relaxing than living midst all those people who really know me but still don't know me!!!!

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