Wednesday, December 6, 2006

How far have I come??

The one thing that has changed my life over the past one year- BANGALORE!!!!
I don't think i am at the most appropriate moment to say that it is for the good or the bad but has brought a lot of changes to my life..
The girl in Kerala is I guess completely lost....The traits are the same.Character is one thing I believe places or situations in life can never change...So people who know me please don't psyche out.I'm still all the same but one major thing that has changed is attitude in life!
Being here for the past one year and mingling with a totally new set of people at work place I have began to let go of my mind set about a lot of things in life..
I guess the entire concept of this portal is maybe for me to sit and actually ponder as to what are those that have changed!!

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