Monday, December 18, 2006

Hey it's christmas time...

Wow it's christmas season and I am really in a jolly good mood.This weekend has been one of the best. It's a long time I had a Christian good friend.So when it has happened you can expect how good it can be. On Sunday we friends got together and made the crib. There was hay all over the place. Playing around with the bamboo sticks and hay till the little crib was made. Not an engineer's piece of art but good for starters.

Then we went out and brought all the statues for the crib and did some bit of Christmas shopping. I now realise what the true meaning of giving gifts on Christmas eve is. You feel as if there is someone who cares and thinks of you. You feel happy to hold that gift you get in your hands and hold the thousand emotions that come along with it in your heart. One thing for sure guys I'm really going to have a blast this Christmas. Till now all it meant to me was 10 days holiday but now it brings me so much more happiness.

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