Friday, March 30, 2007

Hot trip to the Big Banyan tree and Manchinbele dam

As I had mentioned earlier I went to visit the Big Banyan tree last week. As for some info about the place. It is just 25 kms from the City and you can reach the spot either from Kumbalgod on Mysore Road or from Chennenahalli on Magadi Road. It is the fourth largest banyan tree in India, 400 years old and spreads 3 acres altogether.

As for the route, I took the Mysore one. After 2 days of googling on the place and reading travel reports I thought this was better. The other reason is that I love Mysore Road travelling. But my joy ride on Mysore Road ended with Kengeri. After that it is a camel ride baby!! Be ready for anything at all. Moreover we just had google idea where we really going. But we did reach thanks to all those bloggers!

Now the biggest debate here was that the place is really (at least none of us thought so..) not 3 or 4 acres...Hmm do we overblow information??? But it is really quite a sight. I really didn't expect to see a lot of people at the spot...but surprised again. There were a good lot of people. And more of monkeys.

Now that was a huge entertainment packaged I had not dreamt of. There was this one that ran off with a lady's handbag. And another one that took off an Omni's mirror. Now this one was really beauty concious must say! So anyone visiting this plaec...better be careful of your things.

From the Banyan Tree we also decided to visit Manchinbele dam that was 7 to 8 kms away. Again thanks to Google! Now this was a hot drive. Firstly the road was deserted, bumpy and hot. Moreover we had no idea where we were going. After 10 minutes we were deciding to head back when I caught glimpse of the superb sight. So much of water in Bangalore. I was excited.

We went all the way till the water which was surprisingly cold and clear. Residents around this place use this dam for their cattle, wash and have fun swimming around too! Now that we had come all this way I wanted to go on top of the dam too. But that was a disssapointment. The place for prohibited for visit. Some bloggers had actually written about this but there were some who went too. How...hmm...a question??

I had a real good day and a good bumpy ride too....But at the end of the day....a cold water bath and a good night sleep is cure for all!!!


R. Hari Saravanan said...

Hi Vidya, Nice blog with Bangalore info...Was looking for a place to go for the weekend. Keep writing...

Jayashankar said...

Good one.I think u like to travel a lot!!

Unknown said...

Good description of places. I also write on my travel experiences...How about checking mine

Mukul said...

Thanks for info. I enjoyed my outing to The big banyan Tree. You can also see my blog at

You will find a new route to go to Mysore road, which i have mentioned in the blog.

Mukul said...

So .. whcih are the places u have been to .. around Bangalore. I m fond of biking trips .. any pointers?