Thursday, March 15, 2007

Away to Banargatta National Park

This is about 22 kms south of Bangalore. The drive to the place is really good in case you are not going there on one of those hot summer days. And if you are going on one of those slight drizzle, sun behind the clouds, lazy afternoons…you will love the ride as I did….

Reached there in the afternoon at about 1. They have an entrance fee of Rs.25 and the prices currently for a grand safari that is a tour to see the Lions, Tigers & Herbivores costs Rs 80/- on regular days and Rs 110.00 on weekends. I was a bit worried if they had cheated me giving me a ticket for a moving camera or still camera…Anyways realised I was safe…That’s what happens if you don’t know the local language…You are always in doubt if you are understood correct.

The prime attraction of the zoo is the butterfly park that was added last year. It also has an Aquarium, a Children's park, Crocodile Farm, Snake park, Prehistoric animals park and a Museum. The best part of the place is the Safari they take you to. Now let me tell you…please don’t expect the kind of hospitality at the Bandipur Safaris. This is pretty basic but still ok.

The funny part is that they take you in this caged vehicle and when you look at the animals you wonder what is on their minds. Do you think they would be thinking of us as the exhibits??? They are roaming in the open. It is us who are behind bars here!!! So you get to see the Deer park, Bear park, Tiger park and the Lion Park. You get to see the white tiger as well which is a pretty animal…I mean not the ferocious looker!!

Apart from the ride what really amused me are the kids in the bus. There were ones who were excited in seeing all the wild life. They were cramming all over the bus trying to see the animals. There were one asking strange questions like…Mom what do they eat? Why are they walking simply? Hmph….kids will always be so!!!
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