Monday, March 12, 2007

The fever catches fast...yet again!!!

Oh my god….The big time fever is back again and is going to make millions of people all over the world couch ridden again…Yes!!! The World Cup is back.Solid hours of sitting glued to the TV sets yet again...
My first memories of the Cup was in Class 10. I was a bit crazy about cricket at that time though! My Class 10 final exams and that sad India match at Eden Gardens…Unforgettable!! Times have passed. My craze for cricket and cricket stars have faded long back…But still the thought that yet another World Cup is to start tomorrow excites me.

So are we going to make it this time?? Would be like a weather report in the making, right? Or does it call for a management matrix with Strengths, Weakness, Oppurtunity and Threats??? Whatever!!

But as an outsider to the story there is one thing I really don’t understand!! India is a country with a population of over 1 billion. (Sorry if I’m a bit late with that information. I really lost track of that info since school geography papers) Out of this 11 people have to play cricket..Let’s put all those extras too..So that’s 15 in all. Ok great work with numbers, Vidya!

Of these..Irfan Pathan definitely seems to be having fitness issues. Four of them Dravid, Ganguly, Tendulkar and Kumble….Isn’t it time they hit pension plans?? Yuvraj's knee injury demands regular prayers to keep fit.. Some who bat can’t bowl and those who bowl can’t bat… And all this leave way for an event that takes place once in 4 years??? Come on man…can’t we just find 15 people in this billion who can play cricket and are fit too!! Seriously…. when I see those umpteen kids playing cricket on the school grounds I ask this question all the time!!!

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Unknown said...

You had to bring up eden gardens didn't you. I remember after the quarter finals, Azhar mentioned that Eden Gardens was his favorite ground, and india had always done well there blah blah.

Then, the match itself was a riot!