Friday, March 9, 2007

Silence is Golden – Nishabd!!

Did watch a movie this weekend. Know what’s amazing about this. There was a time when I used to watch even 2 movies at the theatre along with 3 cartoon characters, Nagu, Prince and Aneesh. Let me justify that…Watched mostly Hindi movies but Nagu hardly understood any of it. Sure she seems to have improved with time. Prince and Aneesh…you can never talk of them separately..they are an entity! They found only those movies good that had the so called masala in them..And me…I just could watch any crap under the sun!! But that was then…sigh…now after Guru this is my next venture after more than a month.

Really can’t say whether the movie was good or bad. But I did think a lot after watching the movie. I thought of the thousands of couples leading a mundane life. I mean these are the ones that are normal in India. An arranged marriage. Just a few years of the honeymoon period. Then kids, work, life, kid’s marriage etc. Couples who somewhere down the line miss the spark in their marriage!

The life that goes so routine. So predictable with no life in it. If you ask are you alive..yes…but really alive …No! Nishabd is such a story. Jia Khan’s love for Big B can be called an infatuation. One that a girl from a shattered home, bought up without knowing love would feel…so that angle does not interest me.

But Big B….leading a life so perfect. Normal wife, normal daughter!! But he misses life…his creative side…his side that wants to scream and break free..A life that even stops him from sucide…Reason: He wants to spend the remaining days of his life thinking of the tender moments he spent with the 18-year-old. Daring stuff!!
It really put me thinking…is there something we kids can do for our parents…to pull them out of their routine life???

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amna said...

amazing stuff! i want to see this movie very badly too! u might wanna consider changing the template to a more non-conventional one! just search on google or if u want i can send u some links later :)