Thursday, March 15, 2007

Travel....Lifts me up above!

Must have noticed a new added passion..Travel..I have really begun to enjoy being in Bangalore now. Each time I go to a new place it lifts my spirits. I forget all the tensions around me and go all set to face the week ahead of me. In contrast to the time I used to hate being here, I have begun to live the most out of my life here….so finally Life is really Rocking. Over the past year I have been to a number of places in and around Bangalore. Those were in times high and low. I plan to revisit some of these places in the coming year and even make a note of it all. Did someone say it’s too late for a New Year resolution??

I want to make a note of these because I can relive all those moments again and maybe provide some useful info for people who would like to break free from the heavy traffic and pollution of the Silicon Valley and discover some real valleys. Don’t think the posts would be very regular. But whenever I find the time I will surely post the earlier trips… And as for the ones to come….Look out Bangalore….Here I come once again…Fully rejuvenated…..

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Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

dont know why- but im not much of a travel freak myself.. instead i prefer to read others journes and imagine and how mch fun they have.. make me reach a destination and no probs.. but the whole going there process - no way!!!