Monday, March 19, 2007

Solar Eclipse or India Eclipsed???

Hmm…The weekend is over again…There begins the wait for another weekend..Another 5 days to go. Strangely it’s solar eclipse in Bangalore today. There are my parents telling me that I shouldn’t be walking outside on a solar eclipse day. Well…how do I convince them that the MNCs of today work on a global platform. So unless you have some kind of a solar eclipse that makes the whole world dark sorry dad…I still have to go to work.

And for people who would be interested we had back to back two eclipses this month!! On March 4th that was on Sunday there was a total lunar eclipse and now is 2007’s first solar eclipse as well!! Now if that’s not enough for co incidence this year Ugadi that s celebrated here in Karnataka and this solar eclipse are on the same day as well…There was my house owner telling me that maybe this spells ill luck for this year…Hmm…I don’t know…I’m really not into all these superstitions. As it is life has enough and more of tensions…To top it can’t keep in mind all these to go ahead with a day!!

I guess this kind of superstition is what is killing India and keeping us from progressing. Ok sometimes reason does fail us!! Maybe there is a day science triumphs on the issue as well. We talk about India Poised these days and India being an IT major with India emerging a super-power... and yet we do not leave these age old superstitions. How can we expect the nation to progress when such retarding beliefs plague our culture?

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