Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Formal apology!!!

Was chatting with my school day juniors today..As usual the same old question popped up yet again! “Any marriage plans?” My usual reply too…It’s on the cards…Not much happening but. Now how many times have I said the same answer to different people I know….Hmm…Should keep count…

As I told Girish…yeah I keep seeing guys every week but nothings progressing. Just a cup of coffee every week…he he!! Yeah frankly speaking I used to be tensed about this boy seeing situation before. But I guess…as they say practice makes perfect!! I used to dress up for the mega event in the beginning but now it's like what the hell!! This is how I am…Take it or leave it!!

I’ve wondered what would be the state of mind of these guys who are coming to see me. I mean it really doesn’t mean anything to me now. But when I see these guys coming in their best of formal clothes, neatly tucked in and shoes shinning bright…I am really amused!! They come in the belief to meet this extremely good looking girl who would be the other half of the bone they have? Gross!!!

There are a lot of things I notice during those times…See the funniest part is I really don’t even have to consider most of the guys I meet. I mean guys have a feeling they are really tall and put in stats like 170 cm but unfortunately their scales fail them when in front of me!! So I check out other things. They put on super perfumes that day! Their hair is all gelled up and in place. All seem to carry a comb anyways as they seem groomed even after ride on bike with helmets (compulsory in Bangalore now a days). They pick all the smart places to coffee…Café Day, Barista, oo la la!!
This post is a formal apology to all those guys who would have come with so many expectations but I failed them desperately...Hope you all find your perfect suitor!!

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amna said...

their loss sweety :D