Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Where are the true Kerala beauties??

Last weekend I did happen to see the Miss Kerala 2007 telecast.. I was really shocked to see this. There was a time (or is it still so?? ) when Kerala was supposed to be a state of simplicity and purity. Girls here were supposed to be that village beauties with long hair, dressed in Saree ( that golden border Kerala saree!! ) with flowers in their hair and smelt of coconut oil. I mean Miss Kerala is not something that's a Miss India round or anything that finally goes global according to my knowledge. It’s just another event held.
Some of the profiles of the participants shocked me. There were most who were born and brought up abroad and hardly even spoke Malayalam. Is this the choice we have to pick Miss Kerala from???
I’ve posted some photos here. You can decide for yourself. Not stating anywhere that I am the perfect Kerala girl…No ways..Too mix cultured for that…But seriously this is not what I expected to see..
For more photos view

You will definitely agree with me....especially the rehersal photos!!!

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Anonymous said...

When we think of a beauty from Kerala the person selected should have the simplicity and elegance of the natural beauty of Kerala and the sanctity of our land. Todays fashion and the beauty contest are really lacking it. If the person eats does not have limit the personb serves should have. Here both contestant and judges are missing the same.