Monday, March 26, 2007

Team India saves India

When the janatha is having it's final verdict on the dissapointing fall out of Team India from the World Cup 2007 there are some good outcomes from this result. To site a few let's just get back to the old bullet point presentation.
  • Lot of saving in power consumption in India as less late night cricket watching. This is likely to help a lot of problems especially in Karnataka which is big time hit due to the Kaveri issue.
  • More output from man power as the drowsy over night hang overs will be less...Who wants to watch Bangladesh take on Ireland instead of an India - Pakistan match.
  • Healthy Indians as there will be less junk food hogging at late nights!

And to top it compared to these more important ones there could be some less important effects too.

  • Changes in the aging Cricket Team.
  • Chances given to the younger generation.
  • Better team and coach selections.

Even though the above ones are less likely to take place....(When has India broken away from the treaded path??)....the others are definitely due. Thank you Men in Blue...Way to go!! Jai Hind!

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