Thursday, March 8, 2007

Woman's Day???

Ok yet another Woman’s Day is here. Not that it really makes a difference or made a difference to me at all…But as usual as I was plugged into my radio for my early morning walk, the RJ on Radio City was constantly blabbing about women, woman’s day, rights…..the list continues peppered with all the gifts being given out and the prizes to be won! Talk about the market capitalizing on just about every event!

And… here I here these women talking of the importance of the day in their life. Hey are these people cooking this up for the prize?? Come on I’m one of those fortunate people born in a time where women really don’t have to live behind the door and there are tons of them talking about woman’s liberation and that HE is derived from SHE…. But does all this really mean a lot to me.

They talk about the woman being free to take her own decisions. But didn’t I sacrifice my times when dad told me I couldn’t go out alone when I studied in the Gulf! Thought things would get better when I come back to my own home town. But again there were relatives who said I shouldn’t’ mingle too much with guys!

And even now when I get the various suggestions on what kind of a job to take up, what kind of a guy to look for……….Think the matter ends here?? What about the suggestions that would come from my husband (if there is one) as to where to settle, whether to work or not etc etc!!! So am I not a liberated woman? Yeah!! But do I have the guts to break free from all the ties around me…Don’t think so! If this is my state…working in Bangalore, getting a handsome salary to take care of myself and more…then what will be the state of the less privileged??
So coming back to my question…why are we celebrating Woman’s Day??? And if we are what are we celebrating for???

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