Friday, March 30, 2007

I was here too!!!

Agreed that it is very difficult to own a piece of land in Bangalore. Or maybe to be more specific anywhere at all. But Indians are the clever lot. They believe they can own any place by just putting their mark on it.

I had been to see the 400 year old Big Banyan Tree in Bangalore lately....would post thatThe sight of that huge tree with a thousand branches and hangings left me open mouthed. But when I looked on I felt hurt at the way the public have treated this tree. There is not even a branch where a name is not written. Could be an individual name or else some crap loves another crap....(That is the most)

I mean seriously...there are some who have climbed branches so high and written their names.....What do they expect to show the world?? As to how much they can go to show their love for themselves or for their loved one!!

One thing to learn from Indians is how not to respect their own culture whether it be customs, historic monuments, anything at all! No wonder Taj Mahal is threatened to be out of the World's Wonders. Each and evry monument I have visited has a million stamps of the people who have been there too...Atleast there is no need of visitor books here!!

But then evntually check this one too....looks like our little monkey is establishing the fact that this place is mine no matter what you write on it...So let's leave the place to its true owners people!!!

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